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The Ultimate
Mix Tape.

You’re looking for popular, personalized, and high-performing playlists, but you don’t need a prolonged process full of headaches and hassles, right? Well, you’re in the right spot. 


The whole process from the moment you connect with our team until your customized music is playing in your store is quick. We work closely with you from the beginning stages all the way through to implementation and beyond. Here’s how it works.



We kickstart the process by learning more about your brand, the industry in which you operate, your target audience, and your business objectives. These specifics ensure the playlists our team curates are effective at driving success in your business. 


Our team of music curation experts will get to work finding the perfect music based on what we’ve learned about your business and audience. We’re always on top of the latest music trends and music tastes to make sure you get the best. 



We’ll get started crafting your brand’s unique playlists with the best of the best music we found. Our curators strive to create the most compelling sonic atmospheres, concepts, and landscapes that will keep your clients engaged and interacting with your business. 


At the end of the day, your brand remains in charge of the final playlist, so you’ll have an opportunity to review the preliminary playlist we put together. We’ll make all necessary edits based on your feedback promptly. 



Once the final version of the customized playlist is completed, we’ll work alongside your team to implement it within your business. The process is quick, pain-free, and simple. Within just a day, the playlists will be live. 


Your brand changes along with its goals, audience preferences, and musical trends which is why our team will continue to perfect your playlists along with these ever-changing factors. You’ll always have an optimized playlist. 

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